November 15, 2017

MUSA GIS Day 2017: Computer Vision and Remote Sensing in Spatial Analysis

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Meyerson Hall, Lower Gallery

Join Penn IUR and the Masters of Urban Spatial Analytics Program (MUSA) to celebrate the GIS Day, a national day addressing the importance of geospatial analysis. This year's annual GIS Day celebration focuses on the cutting edge 'deep learning' technology that is revolutionizing the field of remote sensing. Deep learning can take a picture from space and count the number of cars parked outside a stadium during Sunday's big game. It can enable a drone to see an obstacle and avoid it in real time.

GIS Day will feature speakers who are making these technologies a reality. Speakers include: Rob Emanuele, Vice President of Research and Technical Lead on the GeoTrellis Team, Azavea; Abhishek Guar, Deep Learning Engineer, Neurala, Inc; and Chris Holmes, SVP, Product Architecture, Planet. This event is co-sponsored by the Master of Urban Spatial Analytics, the Department of City and Regional Planning, and the Wharton GIS Lab.


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