March 14, 2018

Urban Book Talk with Erick Guerra

past event

Join Penn IUR and the PennDesign Department of City and Regional Planning to celebrate the Launch of "Beyond Mobility: Planning Cities for People and Places" by Penn IUR Faculty Fellows Erick Guerra, Assistant Professor in City and Regional Planning School of Design, Stefan Al, Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning, School of Design, and Penn IUR Scholar Robert Cevero, Professor, Department of City and Regional Planning, University of California-Berkeley. Erick Guerra will go in depth with Beyond Mobility, which is about prioritizing the needs and aspirations of people and the creation of great places. This is as important, if not more important, than expediting movement. A stronger focus on accessibility and place creates better communities, environments, and economies. Rethinking how projects are planned and designed in cities and suburbs needs to occur at multiple geographic scales, from micro-designs (such as parklets), corridors (such as road-diets), and city-regions (such as an urban growth boundary). It can involve both software (a shift in policy) and hardware (a physical transformation). Moving beyond mobility must also be socially inclusive, a significant challenge in light of the price increases that typically result from creating higher quality urban spaces. There are many examples of communities across the globe working to create a seamless fit between transit and surrounding land uses, retrofit car-oriented suburbs, reclaim surplus or dangerous roadways for other activities, and revitalize neglected urban spaces like abandoned railways in urban centers. The authors draw on experiences and data from a range of cities and countries around the globe in making the case for moving beyond mobility. Throughout the book, they provide an optimistic outlook about the potential to transform places for the better. Beyond Mobility celebrates the growing demand for a shift in global thinking around place and mobility in creating better communities, environments, and economies.

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