April 17, 2017

Urban Talks with Michael Nutter: Reflections on Leadership: Lessons Learned in City Hall and Beyond

past event

Join Penn IUR and Social Policy and Practice for the final of three urban talks with Senior Fellow, Michael Nutter, Former Mayor of the City of Philadelphia. Historical cities like Philadelphia have to support legacy infrastructures that were built sometimes more than a century ago (road, water, sewage, and electrical networks in particular). These require substantial costs for maintenance and upkeep. In addition, a number of public services (schools, library, parks, community centers) were designed for substantially larger populations and substantial fiscal resources are necessary to maintain adequate levels of services for all neighborhoods. In addition, underfunded pension liabilities add to the challenges to ensure the long run fiscal sustainability of these cities without compromising service provision. This lecture will discuss steps that Philadelphia has taken during Mayor Michael Nutter's term and lessons learned for other cities facing similar fiscal challenges. While Philadelphia is the focus of Nutter’s case examples, the country’s cities are Nutter’s larger frame. As former President of the U.S. Council of Mayors, Nutter’s abiding commitment to municipalities as improvable and sustainable places to live and work is central to his work.


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