June 14, 2011

America’s Sustainable Future: How U.S. Cities Are Making Enery Work

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America’s Sustainable Future: How U.S. Cities Are Making Energy Work

In partnership with private and public sector leaders, the Penn Institute for Urban Research (Penn IUR) presented a conference in Philadelphia of public-private partnership efforts from diverse U.S. cities pursuing innovative energy management and smart grid initiatives. This invitation-only conference explored the diverse energy strategies emerging in Philadelphia while educating economic and community development leaders, elected officials and policymakers about national polices and models of innovation being developed in other major American cities.

America’s Sustainable Future (Opening Remarks) 

America’s Sustainable Future (Lunch Keynote) 

America’s Sustainable Future (Public Private/Partnerships) 

America’s Sustainable Future (Smart Grids & Micro Grids) 

America’s Sustainable Future (Closing Remarks) 

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