December 2, 2015

Automation and the Future of Cities

past event


Penn IUR and the Consortium for Technologies for Safe and Efficient Transportation (T-SET) – a joint center lead by Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pennsylvania – held an exciting afternoon symposium which explored innovations in automation and robotics and their urban utility. Speakers shared current developments in automation, exploring how these advancements will change the way we move and live in cities, and put these advancements in a broader context of regional and national planning. Speakers included: Daniel Lee, Professor, Director, General Robotics Automation, Sensing, Perception Lab (GRASP); Penn Director, T-SET, PennEngineering; Megan Ryerson, Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning and Electrical and Systems Engineering, PennDesign and PennEngineering; Erick Guerra, Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning, PennDesign; and Vinn White, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Secretary of Transportation. This event celebrates Penn’s Year of Discovery and is made possible with support from Penn’s Office of the Provost.

Automation and the Future of Cities



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