April 6, 2011

Book Talk: “Neighborhood and Life Chances, How Place Matters in Modern America”

past event


Co-sponsored with Penn Press and the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, contributors to this collection discussed the relationship between prosperity and place. Topics covered included residential location, education, health, racial and economic segregation in US cities, all questions with broad implications for American urban policy. Speakers included Fernando Ferreira. Assistant Professor, The Wharton School; Andrew Frishkoff, Executive Director, Philadelphia LISC; Jeremy Nowak, President & CEO, The Reinvestment Fund; Katherine O’Regan, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Public and Nonprofit Management and Analysis Program, Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, NYU; Janet Rothenberg Pack, Professor of Business and Public Policy, The Wharton School; and Margery Austin Turner, Vice President for Research, Urban Institute. The event was followed by a book signing and reception.

Penn IUR’s Book Talk: Neighborhood and Life Chances 

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