November 5, 2012

Community and Education Challenges in Philadelphia: Research and Reform

past event


Penn IUR Proof and the City Seminar Series

Philadelphia’s public educational system is one facing many political, economic, and social issues. Penn’s scholars and practitioners are actively engaged in researching related complex problems and developing and implementing new models, such as the notable Penn Alexander School, that seek to turn the tide. This panel brought together various perspectives on the issue for a lively conversation on what the research tells us about what works, what doesn’t and how research impacts policy and practice.

Speakers included: Rebecca Maynard, University Trustee Professor of Education and Social Policy, Graduate School of Education; James “Torch” Lytle, Practice Professor, Chair of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership, Graduate School of Education; and Matthew P. Steinberg, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education. The discussion was moderated by Bob Boruch, University Trustee Chair Professor of Education and Statistics and Co-Director, Center for Research and Evaluation in Social Policy, Graduate School of Education.

This event was co-sponsored by the Graduate School of Education. 

The Challenge of Evidence-Based Education Reform: How do we connect research and practice? 

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