May 2, 2014

Immigration and Metropolitan Revitalization: A Conference

past event


The Social Science and Policy Forum and Penn IUR hosted a conference that brought together experts in sociology, city planning, economics, history, and public policy to present research on the role of immigration in transforming metropolitan housing markets, creating economic opportunity, and remaking neighborhoods.

Speakers included: Robert J. Sampson, Harvard (Keynote); Amada Armenta, University of Pennsylvania; Erick Guerra, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Marilynn Johnson, Boston College; Philip Kasinitz, City University of New York; Michael Katz and Kenneth Ginsburg, Univ. of Pennsylvania; Gary Painter, University of Southern California; Gerardo Sandoval, University of Oregon; Andrew Sandoval-Strausz, University of New Mexico; Jacob Vigdor, Duke University; Domenic Vitiello, University of Pennsylvania; Susan Wachter, University of Pennsylvania; Stanton Wortham, University of Pennsylvania; andJamie Winders, Syracuse University.

Read the conference agenda.


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