January 30, 2013

Laura Perna and contributors, “Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Jobs

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A Penn IUR Public Interest Event

Co-Sponsored by Penn GSE

Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Jobs in Metropolitan America offers useful insights into how to bridge the higher education gap and provide urban workers with the educational qualifications and skills they need for real-world jobs. Written by researchers in education and urban policy, this volume takes a comprehensive approach. It informs our understanding of the measurement and definition of the learning required by employers. It examines the roles that different educational sectors and providers play in workforce readiness. It analyzes the institutional practices and public policies that promote the educational preparation of today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs. Laura Perna, the book’s editor and Professor at Penn’s Graduate School of Education and panelists discussed the books central themes. Panelists included Thomas Bailey, the George and Abby O’Neill Professor of Economics and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University and Director of the Community College Research Center; Lori Shorr, Philadelphia’s Chief Education Officer; Alan Ruby, Senior Fellow, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania; and Laura Wolf-Powers, Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning, School of Design, University of Pennsylvania.

Penn IUR’s Urban Book Talk ” Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Jobs in Metropolitan America” 

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