November 12, 2008

Leading Cities to Sustainability: A Conversation with National Local Leaders

past event


A Penn IUR Public Interest Series event held in partnership with The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. 

This event celebrated the book, Growing Greener Cities: Urban Sustainability in the Twenty-First Century, with a panel discussion. Philadelphia leadership talked with leaders from other cities who had successfully implemented multi-faceted, citywide sustainability programs. Their conversation addressed issues such as the importance of leadership at the highest levels, strategies for engaging individuals and communities, mobilizing private sector investment, and how changes get institutionalized. 

Special guests:

Marty Blum, Mayor of Santa Barbara, California and Co-Chair of the US Conference of Mayors’ Sustainable Development Task Force
George S. Hawkins, Director, Department of the Environment, Washington DC
Karis Hiebert, Manager, Sustainability Group, City of Vancouver
Mark Alan Hughes, Director of Sustainability, City of Philadelphia
Ariella Rosenberg Maron, Deputy Director, Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning & Sustainability, New York City


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