October 6, 2008

McCain Obama Surrogate Debate

past event


A Penn IUR Public Interest Series Event held in partnership with Next American City

Philadelphia 360 Lecture Series at the Center for Architecture

The inaugural lecture of the Philadelphia 360 series featured a spirited dialogue between the audience and representatives of the John McCain and Barack Obama campaigns.  The event focused on how each candidate’s urban agenda addressed aging industrial cities like Philadelphia.  Questions that were considered include the overall urban policy agenda for each candidate; key urban issues and how to address them; how urban centers link to broader national challenges including the economy and jobs, climate and environmental conditions, and national security and international relations; and more pointedly, how do aging industrial cities like Philadelphia factor into the national picture. These issues provided the broad frame for thinking about planning and economic development policy in Philadelphia, serving as a platform for the later discussion in the series that focused on anchor institutions.  

Special Guests

Michael P. Moreland, Assistant Professor of Law at Villanova University School of Law and former Associate Director for Domestic Policy under President George W. Bush 
Paul Brophy, Principal, Brophy & Reilly LLC and Nonresident Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution


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