February 21, 2014

MUSA Lunch Speaker Series: Innovations in Geospatial Data Acquisition and Photogrammetry

past event


Steve Welebny, Geospatial Products Manager, and Wes Weaver (MUSA ‘13), Aerial Sensor Operator at Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc. discussed new products and innovations in digital imagery and photogrammetry. The Philadelphia-based company, which specializes in aerial imaging and geospatial data acquisition (e.g. LiDAR), is currently developing a method called a “Key-3D” point cloud—a highly accurate elevation model derived entirely from two-dimensional digital imagery.  This presentation included a brief overview of aerial data acquisition and its role in mapping and GIS, photogrammetry, 3D modelling and the Key-3D point clouds.  The speakers discussed uses and applications developed from LiDAR data, photogrammetrical processes and three dimensional mapping and modelling. 

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