PJM Electricity Price Ticker and Energy Literacy Education Campaign

As part of the Energy Efficient Building Hub (EEB Hub) project (now the Consortium for Building Energy Innovation), and in partnership with PJM Interconnection LLC (the organization that coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity in all or parts of 13 states and the District of Columbia) Penn IUR developed an electricity price ticker, a web-based and desktop app which allows people to track the wholesale price of electricity and see in real time how the price of electricity fluctuates with weather, time of day, and overall changes in consumer demand. In addition to developing the price ticker itself, Penn IUR and PJM developed an electricity literacy program that aims to enhance public understanding of the wholesale price of energy, and to promote responsible energy use.

The price ticker project is based on the premise that the availability of real-time information is essential to informing electricity consumers about the market forces that impact price. Given current energy uncertainty and instability in fuel prices and supplies, coupled with an ever increasing demand for energy, it is important to look for unique solutions to ensure the stability of our energy supplies. Part of the solution is making real-time information easily accessible, which, in proven applications, reduces the amount of energy used during high-demand periods.

The price ticker project is a partnership of industry and academia focused on helping consumers learn more about electricity. The partners are: PJM Interconnection, Penn Institute of Urban Research, Penn Facilities and Real Estate Services, Navy Yard, DOE Grid Star Center, Energy Efficient Buildings Hub, and PECO. Find out more about the electricity price ticker.


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