May 10, 2016

Congratulations to Graduating Urban-Focused Doctoral Students

On May 13, Penn IUR will celebrate four of its graduating Affiliated PhD Students during the annual Penn Urban Doctoral Symposium. Co-sponsored with Penn’s Urban Studies program, this symposium highlights the work of graduating urban-focused doctoral candidates. Graduates present and discuss their dissertation findings and celebrate their work with family, friends, and faculty. We are proud to congratulate the following four students who will participate in this year’s symposium:

  • Albert Han, City and Regional Planning, “Evaluating the Performance of the Greenbelt Policy for Present and Future Urban Growth Management and Environmental Protection: A Case Study in the Seoul Metropolitan Area of South Korea”
  • Mary Rocco, City and Regional Planning, “Partnerships, Philanthropy and Innovation: Urban Revitalization in US Legacy Cities”
  • Ken Steif, City and Regional Planning, “Toward School Improvement Districts: School Quality & the Equitable Revitalization of Neighborhoods”
  • Dan Treglia, Social Policy and Practice, “Using Positive Psychology to Explain Shelter Use: A Study of Homeless Families in New York City”


Media Contact:

Deborah Lang
Communications Director

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