December 13, 2017

Penn IUR Announces 2018 Undergraduate Urban Research Colloquium Participants

The Penn Institute for Urban Research (Penn IUR) is pleased to announce the participants in the Spring 2018 Undergraduate Urban Research Colloquium (UURC). The UURC is an innovative research program that pairs faculty conducting urban-focused scholarship with undergraduates that have an interest in developing research skills in a semester-long, credit-bearing seminar. Students from each of the University’s undergraduate schools (Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Applied Science, Nursing and Wharton) are eligible to participate.

The Spring 2018 UURC participants, as well as their project titles and faculty advisors are listed below.

Adamseged Abebe | Assessing China’s Development Aid to Africa| Faculty Advisor: Ramah Mckay, Department of History & Sociology of Science

Elise Reynolds | The Spatial Nature of Services Addressing Homelessness in Philadelphia | Faculty Advisor: Amy Hillier, Urban Planning/Social Policy and Practice

Allen Zhu | Safe Kids Stories: How an Online Creative Writing Platform Forms a Safe Space for Urban Youth | Faculty Advisor: Lorene Cary, Department of English

Abigail McGuckin | Can Changes to the National Flood Insurance Program Be Considered a New Form of Redlining in Pre-FIRM Communities of Color:  A Case Study of Eastwick in Southwest Philadelphia| Faculty Advisor: Michael Nairn, Urban Studies

Seyeon Kim | A Comparative Analysis on Elderly Care from Families in Korea, America, and Taiwan | Faculty Advisor: Hans-Peter Kohler, Sociology

Ebehireme Inegbenebor | Nigerians in the United States: Exploring Socioeconomic Mobility and Wealth Creation Among Nigerians in America | Faculty Advisor: Onoso Imoagene, Sociology

Sheila Shankar | Towards Transformative Knowledge Production: Understanding Health through Civic Engagement and Multimodal Methodologies | Faculty Advisor: Aaron Levy, English and History of Art



Media Contact:

Deborah Lang
Communications Director

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