March 12, 2013

Penn IUR Announces Winners of Photography Exhibition


Philadelphia, PA—March 12, 2013— The Penn InThe winning photos are “Beak Trimmed Chicken” by Catherine Brinkley (PhD/VMD candidate, 2014); “Cans” by Jacob Rivkin (MFA candidate, 2013); and “Walls” by Serena Stein (Penn class of 2009). Winners were selected from more than 200 photos submitted by Penn students, alumni, faculty, and staff. In addition to the winners, ten photographers received honorable mentions for their submissions: Ayasha Guerin, Christina Hutchinson, Emily LaDue, Jin Lee, Melissa Levin, Ryan Littman-Quinn, Daniel Moscovici, Ellen Neises, Swaroop Rao and Laurel Redding.

Each of the three winning photos highlights an important aspect of food production, distribution or consumption. Brinkley’s photo, taken at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg, is a depiction of a chicken with a trimmed beak, a source of reliable and cheap protein to the food system. Rivkin’s photo, taken at an Emergency Food Distribution Center in Philadelphia, is a composition of cans wrapped in tight plastic that, Rivkin says, shows the “plastic’s ability to shield the inner cans from full recognition of what they might contain.” Stein’s photo, taken in Maputo, Mozambique, depicts food product marketing in the city’s informal neighborhoods where advertisements are typically directed at children and young adults.

The exhibition was curated by to Josh Mosley, Professor and Chair of Fine Arts in the School of Design, with technical and production assistance from Micah Danges. Winners were selected by the Feeding Cities photo exhibition steering committee: Carolyn Cannuscio, Assistant Professor, Family Medicine and Community Health; Anuradha Vedantham, Director, Weigle Information Commons; Lisa Mitchell, Associate Professor and Graduate Chair, Department of South Asia Studies; Laura Zarrow, Project Director, Innovation Group at Wharton; and James D. Ferguson, Professor of Nutrition, School of Veterinary Medicine.

The Feeding Cities exhibition displays a total of 27 photographs, taken by 15 photographers. The exhibition is open to the public; an opening reception, also open to the public, will be held March 14 at 5:30 pm in the Morgan Fine Arts Building on the Penn campus.

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