Penn IUR has joined other universities across the nation to create a “Metro Lab Network” of university and city government partnerships committed to collaboration focused on 21st century solutions to the challenges confronting infrastructure, city services, and civic engagement. The Metro Lab Network will bring together university researchers with city decision makers to research, develop, and deploy (“RD&D”) technology‐ and analytically‐based solutions to the problems facing the systems and infrastructure on which our citizens, cities, and regional economies depend. The Network will focus on common challenges facing cities in order to develop shared, scalable solutions that can be deployed across the Network. The Network will consist of City/University Partnerships, each of which will include university representatives and city officials, and will undertake RD&D‐based projects related to the thrust areas. The projects can be undertaken solely by a City/University Partnership or by a team of University/City Partnerships facing similar challenges, in order to leverage network resources and expertise. Rather than incorporating a new organization, the Network will be organized and managed by a Management Team, initially led by Carnegie Mellon University. For more information visit their website here.

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