Penn IUR Roundtable on Anchor Institutions

Penn IUR Roundtable on Anchor Institutions (PRAI) is a leadership “think tank” that convenes leaders from anchor institutions, their respective civic collaborators (academic, government, and foundation partners), and technical experts for an intense full day of roundtable discussions. These Anchor Teams work with Penn IUR to develop a case study that outlines a compelling local challenge. The closed-door PRAI session offers an opportunity to engage with peers, strategize solutions, compare notes from the field, and generate national knowledge that can be applied in a local context. PRAI focuses on building knowledge around:

  • public/private investments,
  • mission-driven community initiatives
  • public engagement strategies

The Anchor Teams are exposed to cutting-edge innovations in a range of areas and provided opportunities to collaborate toward solutions to their particular challenges. In addition to discussing institution-specific challenges and strategies, the institution leaders are joined by nationally recognized technical experts who will offer guidance and insight into well-researched trends, models, and techniques. Keynote addresses provide broad national and international perspectives.

PRAI fosters a community of urban anchor institutions and provides a venue to exchange knowledge on issues related to sustainable growth and development. The sessions offer expert-generated strategies to support urban anchor institutions in serving as catalysts for improving communities, cities, and regions. Penn IUR translates the outcomes of PRAI to build scholarship on the role of urban anchors and, through its Case Studies on Anchor Institutions [link to Case Studies description in Initiatives section], disseminates these findings to a broader audience of policymakers and urbanists.



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