January 25, 2018

Smart Cities: Challenges to Implementing Innovation in Cities

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Perry World House Global Forum, 3803 Locust Walk
Join Penn IUR to discuss smart cities, the role of innovation in cities. Panelists include Kyung-Hwan Kim, Perry World House Visiting Fellow; Allison Lassiter, Assistant Professor of City and Regional Planning, School of Design; John Landis, Crossways Professor of City and Regional Planning, School of Design; Richard Voith, President and Principal, Econsult Solutions; Adjunct Professor, the Wharton School; with introductory remarks from Penn IUR Co-Directors Eugenie Birch, Lawrence C. Nussdorf Professor of Urban Research & Education, and Susan Wachter, Albert Sussman Professor of Real Estate, and Professor of Finance at The Wharton School. This event celebrates Penn’s Year of Innoviation and is made possible with support from Penn’s Office of the Provost. Register Now

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