October 3, 2018

Jeremy Nowak Memorial Lecture, The Citizen and the City: Creative Urban Solutions for All

past event

Join Penn IUR for reflection and conversation about pathbreaking social innovator Jeremy Nowak’s enduring work. As founder of the Reinvestment Fund, Nowak pioneered the framework of “new localism,” coordinated Philadelphia's Neighborhood Transformation Initiative, and championed the financing of community development as a solution for struggling neighborhoods. Integrating public, private, and non-profit expertise to create shared social and financial good, his work serves as a precedent and template for achieving collective urban prosperity. Speakers will include Ira Goldstein, President, Policy Solutions, The Reinvestment Fund; Patricia Smith, President and CEO, The Funders' Network; and Governor Edward Rendell, who across their respective fields have advanced similar causes with their missions of igniting positive urban growth for the benefit of all.

Discussion will take place in The Living Room at The Inn at Penn from 3:00–4:30pm, followed by a reception.

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