Housing, Affordability and Financing Systems

Penn IUR seeks to promote scholarship and discussion related to the housing market, including affordability and financing systems, through its events and publications.

In 2013 Penn IUR, with support from the Ford Foundation, organized the first of an ongoing series of events on “The Future of the U.S. Housing Mortgage System,” to explore what the U.S. housing market might look like in the near future. The events included the following panel discussions: “The Future of FHA,”, “Housing Finance in the New Regulatory Environment,” and “Mortgages: Alternative Visions of Reform.”

In 2009, Penn IUR released “Retooling HUD for Catalytic Federal Government: A Report to Secretary Shaun Donovan.” The report, comprised of reports from ten task forces, led by Paul Brophy and Rachel Godsil, aims to provide the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with strategies for strengthening the federal government’s programs and role in housing and urban development.

As part of its City in the 21st Century book series, in 2011 Penn IUR published “The American Mortgage System: Crisis and Reform.” The volume, edited by Susan M. Wachter and Marvin M. Smith, examines the foreclosure crisis and offers recommendations for reform.


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